Dave: 760-567-9107

 After years of frustration from nagging injuries, and little results from doctors and physical therapists, I was lucky to find Dave. To my surprise, he was able to find my trouble areas very quickly. What was bothering me most was upper-thoracic muscle spasms, which is what I told Dave. I didn’t mention that I had a rotated L4, which caused me sciatica for the past 11 years. During my first session Dave was able to quickly trace my pattern of pain to my lower left back, without me even mentioning the issue. To my great amazement, after the first session, my sciatica stopped. That was the first time in 11 years that I did not feel this horrific pain/tingling down my left leg. I have been going to Dave for the past year or so, and I can say that he is the most talented LMT I have met. He has relieved pain in areas that doctors and PT’s were unable to provide help. I have a background in Kinesiology with a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology/Kinesiology, and Dave’s knowledge of functional anatomy is superb. I highly recommend his services; I have referred many people to Dave and they all have a similar comment; Dave has magic hands that take away pain. Thanks, Dave!

                      Brian Kuo, M.S., M.A., former instructor                            Oregon State University


Rehabilitative Bodywork Center

​​​​I have been searching for years for the massage to help me be able to rotate my neck. I am a survivor of Head and Neck Cancer with severe radiation to the neck. This tightens up my entire body and it is hard for me to release any tension down my back and legs. Dave and his amazing knowledge and technique has been the only one to aid me in moving my neck from side to side and back and forth with any range of motion. I just cannot say enough words to express how he has improved my life. I was crawling into my first appointment with Dave and now am able to skip out!! He is the Best of the Best

                                           Suzy Frank

After two months of physical therapy and a year of battling 'frozen shoulder' I was lucky enough to find Massage Therapist Dave Wilkinson. He assessed my arm and made a plan that by the Holidays my range of motion would be back. True to his was. It took only 3 months of on & off weekly visits and arm was free!! For the first time in over a year, I regained my reach, had a better attitude and was able to resume some of my normal activities. Each visit he was able to relieve enough pain to keep me working and ultimately avoiding surgery altogether. His patience and confidence helped carry me through a lot of pain and frustration.  I am so grateful for his healing

therapy that I'd have to say that he's much more than a

Massage Therapist, so...from me and my family a big THANK YOU to Dr. Dave!!

                                       Robin Smith

Casey: 541-232-3365

Casey has a very calming presence. I appreciate when she asks questions when she gets to a sensitive spot. I feel fortunate that I "found her" at Rasani Fair.

                                                         Kathie W.

Casey is very knowledgeable, kind, and experienced. Her treatment has a calming effect on me.from the sole of my feet  to the soul of my being! Not only did my feet feel like a million dollars, the treatment she gave me relieved a spasm in my neck which had been nagging me for several months.

                                                         Brooke S.


About three months ago I began having pain in my left thigh and back and was told I had one leg more than 3/4 inches longer than the other, causing a strange gait. I went to my chiropractor and ended up with a lift in my right shoe in an attempt to balance. However, the pain in my leg continued so I reached out to various modalities seeking help. I went to my orthopedic doctor, family doctor, physical therapist, acupuncturist, and more visits to my chiropractor. In addition, I embarked on a daily stretching routine in hopes of improving my situation, but the problem continued.

One day I made an appointment for a relaxing massage  with Massage Therapist Dave Wilkinson. I told him about my leg and back problems and he immediately got started working on them. It was refreshing to finally have someone that could do something about it. Gone was the relaxing massage, replaced by a therapeutic massage that lengthened my leg by working my back and leg muscles.  Today my legs are the same length and the pain is gone from my legs and it is all thanks to Dave Wilkinson.

                                            Shirley Brenon - 75

Dave is an experienced massage therapist who I have been working with for over 5 years. Testimony to Dave's skill is that he has been working with the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) in Indian Wells for the last several years working with male and female professional players. Dave is able to use his strength and skill to identify and work on particular issues in the human body that are difficult to identify and access. His skill set is rare and in my twenty years of working with massage therapists, Dave is the only one who can work on my difficult issues. I heartily endorse him. 

                                         David A. Osborne Jr.


Awesome, superb, life changing...I have consulted a myriad of physio and massage therapists for many years with minimal results...after 4 months of Dave working with my frozen shoulders and sore neck I am able to exercise, golf, and sleep pain if he would only move to Vancouver, Canada.

                                      Stan 'Shlomo' Silverman


Dave has me feeling better than I have felt in 20+ years.  Within the first session he was able to pinpoint my problems and address them.  I have been to multiple message therapists in the past and not one of them were able to give me the results Dave has.  I will continue to use him on a regular basis. 

                                 Patrick Reagan

 It was a very, very sad day when Dave moved. I have had hundreds of massages but never from someone as capable as him. He is in a class by himself. His knowledge of a person's body and ability to find and treat specific pain, previous strains, muscle pulls, and the like is truly phenomenal. I'm sure that once the word gets out, clients will be lined up around the block to make an appointment with him.
                                     C.J. Sumner


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