Dave is NCBTMB Continuing Education Provider # 1159. Currently he is teaching CEs in Rehabilitative Massage.


Upcoming Seminars:

Rehabilitative Sports Massage -  Sept. 29 & 30- - Location TBA : An emphasis on myofascial release and neuromuscular techniques.

How Yoga Can Enhance Your Massage Experience

The Science of Yoga by William J. Broad

*After massage, muscles and connective tissues (including fascia), are more pliable with improved circulation of blood and fluids than before. Yoga helps maintain this openness with static, facilitated and dynamic stretching, and with breathing exercised to engage a relaxation response.

*Yoga increases muscle tone, lowers stress, and contributes to over-all improved well-being by integrating the body, mind and breath, creating a more holistic experience similar to massage.

*The mindfulness-in-motion yoga offers helps create new body-awareness. Sometimes, bodies are imbalanced skeletally and need constant re-adjusting, sometimes bodies are performing tasks that create imbalances and need counter-movement to establish balance again. Additionally, it can help prevent slouching and contribute to a straighter spine and less shoulder tension.  

*Yoga stimulates many systems of the body just as massage does. Yoga stimulates the endocrine system which helps regulate hormones, stimulates the flow of blood and lymph throughout the body, strengthens the proprioceptors of the nervous system, and improves digestion. 

*Yoga has incredible renewing qualities for the mood, elevating outlook and helping with depression, fatigue, and anxiety. In between receiving massages, yoga can help give you the post-massage glow that lets you float through the rest of your day.

Why Yoga?:




Massage Therapy in Albany, OR

Our therapists use a combination of modalities  to best meet the needs of the client. Modalities include but are not limited to deep tissue, sports, neuromuscular, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, active release, shiatsu, reflexology, and cupping.


They view the body as a whole and not only focus on the muscles that are limited or in pain, but also the opposing or compensating muscles that may be having an impact on recovery.





This is the newest form of therapy at MassageWORKS is Hydrotherapy. This form of rehabillitation, designed by Dave, allows you to receive a massage while immersed in hot water. The hot water helps soften the fascia and the hydraulic action of the water helps release entrapped nerve.

MassageWORKS specializes in rehabilitative muscular recovery from stress, injury, surgery, or trauma from sports or accidents. They specifically work with Motor Vehicle Accidents. ​They are able to work with and bill insurances up to two years after the accident.  They have had success with athletes from high school level to professional and have worked with men and women of all age groups.

Dave launched The Apprenticeship Program in July 2016. He annually trains one or two Licensed Massage Therapists in a Rehabilitative Massage Certification Program. He is currently accepting applications for the next program.  Massages given by Apprentices will be offered at a discounted rate. 

Massage Therapy

MassageWORKS is operated by Dave Wilkinson

Dave has been working with body mechanics through coaching, athletic training, and massage therapy for more than 30 years.

He has been licensed in Oregon and California and is a certified Medical Massage Practitioner.

He trains other therapists in rehabilitative massage through a 6 month - one year Apprenticeship Program and a 50 hour Rehabilitative Massage Seminar Course.

Nora Richards has practiced massage therapy in Minnesota, Illinois, and now in Oregon and is certified in Rehabilitative Massage. She is returning in April after a short hiatus where she visited Thailand for 3 months and then returned to help both of her sisters with childbirth.

Liz Hoffmann is a Registered Yoga Teacher who is also training to be a Licensed Massage Therapist. Currently she will be doing private yoga sessions at MassageWORKS. Yoga is a great way to follow up and maintain progress made through Rehabilitative Massage.Read below how yoga can enhance your massage experience.